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"Small in Scale, Large in Reach"

Universal Design Presentations, Fall 2022

Universal Design Presentations, Fall 2022

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The Hex Game is an accessible marble run 3d designed and printed by high school students at the Mountain Lakes Public Library Makerspace.  This marble run provides a sandbox type game that allows a player to create unique multi-level tracks.  The Hex Game has been shared globally and continuously improved with player feedback. 

Accessibility is Fun & Engaging

A young girl is blowing a visible bubble through a 3d printed orange maple leaf
A little boy is blowing bubbles with a 3d printed yellow sun bubble wand

Accessibility is Hands On & All Ages

A group of adults are designing 3d shapes on desktop computers.  A man and a woman discuss 3d printing next to a 3d printer.
A young boy is focused on a 3d printer.
Two 3d printed bubble wands in the shape of "I love you" sign language.  One is white and the other is blue.

Accessibility is Customizable & Unique

A black abacus with four columns. Each column has a black rod and 9 beads. Column beads aree blue, pink, green, and yellow.  On the top is the name "Robyn" in Braile and "Robyn" in text on the bottom.

Accessibility is Educational & Tactile

Puzzle pieces attached to a larger hexagon shape puzzle connector.  There are two puzzle pieces attached to each side of the hexagon.
Puzzle pieces attached to a 10 sided puzzle connector.  There are two puzzle pieces connected to each side.  Each puzzle pair has one icon and one shape signifying important sounds that kids learn.

Accessibility is Open Source & Inexpensive

3d printed leaves with butterfly eggs.  There are five sets of three leaves; red, orange, yellow, green, and blue.
A view of Thingiverse page that has "Butterfly Eggs and Chrysalis" designs by Varneyjlv
butterfly egg license.png

Accessibility is Colorful & Inviting


Accessibility is Scalable & On Demand


Accessibility is Healthcare & Universal

r3vr1 summary.png

Accessibility is Literacy & Illustrations


Accessibility is Adaptable & Multilingual

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