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The Mountain Lakes Public Library Makerspace has been a full time part of the Mountain Lakes Public Library since October 2018.  Our motto is "small in scale, large in reach".  We work with students ages 2 - 102 on diverse range of projects inluding robotics, cardboard construction, vector graphics, circuitry, digital animation, green screen film making, computer science, 3d design & printing, and universal design.  Creativity, just like a sport or musical instrument has to be practiced to improve. The Makerspace provides unique and diverse opportunities for people to explore high and low technologies, how to connect seemingly incompatible resources, genuine ways to experience empathy in design, and practice creativity.

The Makerspace works closely with the Mountain Lakes Public Library to include literacy connections with all of our projects.  All Makerspace projects focus on universal design.  Our 3d design program focuses on developing accessible resources.  We work with a diverse group of partners to provide students with real world experience to develop their accessible resources.  Our partners include Build a Better Book, University of Colorado, St. Joseph's School for the Blind, Sound Start Babies,, and many accessibility professionals like Leslie Edmonds and Neal Mckenzie from the Sonoma County School District.

Thank you Institute of Museum Library Services and New Jersey State Library for providing grant funding in 2021 - 2022 to assist in the Mountain Lakes Public Library in their development of accessible and adaptive resources.

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Ian Matty is the manager of the Mountain Lakes Public Library Makerspace. Ian has spoken at numerous conferences and webinars about makerspaces and creativity. Additionally, Ian has earned an NCWIT educator award.


Christina Kelly is a Mountain Lakes Public Library librarian. Christina focuses on building community through diverse and equitable library events.

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9 Elm Road

Mountain Lakes, New Jersey

Tel: 973-334-5095

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